About the Sisters


Together, we travel the world and write about it. We first began traveling together in 2015 when we explored Europe for three weeks. Since then, we have ventured to dozens of states, countries, continents, coast lines and mountain peaks. We often get asked how we are able to travel so often, and the answer is simple – because we make it our priority! 



I'm Meleah, but I go by Leah! I'm a writer, lover, creator, believer and wanderer.  I feel my best self when we are on the road, embracing new adventures everyday, and I am most at ease in wild places.

My favorite place we've visited so far is Costa Rica. I totally connected with the Pura Vida lifestyle and found a true home in the jungle. 



I'm Manda, the older of the  duo – barely! we're only 18 months apart. I'm an outdoor enthusiast, sunshine seeker, yoga teacher (and forever a student), health + wellness ambassador, writer and artist.

My favorite part of traveling is the people we meet along the way. I love experiencing and diving into every new culture with respect and curiosity.