About the Sisters


Together, we travel the world and write about it, photograph it and film it.

We are the Sisters that Stray also known as the Manning sisters. We first began traveling together in 2015 when we explored Europe for three weeks. Since then, we have ventured through dozens of states, countries, continents, coast lines and mountains. Our goal is to experience new places from a local perspective and to encourage others to stray from the beaten path…



I'm Meleah, but I go by Leah. I'm a writer, photographer, dreamer, creator, adventure seeker, waterfall jumping wanderer. I am most at ease in wild places and I feel my best self when I am embracing new adventures everyday.

My favorite part about traveling is capturing the moments we live and being able to relive and share them through our writing, photos, and videos. The more I travel the world, the more I realize how much there is to explore and discover.



I'm Manda, the older of the  duo – but only by 18 months. I'm an outdoor enthusiast, sunshine seeker, yoga teacher (and forever a student), health + wellness ambassador, filmmaker, writer and artist. I feel the most grounded in nature.

My favorite part about traveling is the people we meet along the way. I love experiencing and diving into every new culture with respect and curiosity. Travel has lead me to discover new truths about myself and those around me.