I'm Meleah, I go by Leah, though, and I'm the younger sister of the Manning sisters. I'm a writer, bartender, baker, lover, creator, believer and wanderer. I do life with my badass sidekick sister, Manda. Together, we travel the world and write about it. We first started traveling together in October 2015 when we ventured on our first Europe excursion. Since then we have seen dozens of states, countries, coast lines and mountain peaks. 

I feel my best self when we are on the road, embracing new adventures everyday. We are the most at ease in wild places. 



I'm Manda, the older sister (barely... we're only 18 months apart) of the Sisters That Stray duo. While I currently live in Denver with my sister and our Pomeranian, I've been on the move for the past six years, hopping between the East and West Coasts, from New York City to Southern California. I thrive spending quality time with Passion Mama (Mother Earth), meditating, practicing yoga and experiencing the world by delving into new cultures. 

Leah has been my ride or die since day one. She's taught me that life is too short to live a life you're not happy in, and she helped me make some tough decisions that have ultimately lead me to an empowering sense of freedom and happiness. There is no one else I'd rather have by my side on these adventures we embark on.